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QueryParameters AS3 Class

Custom class dependencies: Parameters

QueryParameters is a utility that is meant for working with query strings in Actionscript. It extends the extremely versatile Parameters class, and what it does is fairly simple, yet very useful. It is an object which is automatically converted to a query string. All methods which add/remove properties are overridden to make sure property names and values are always valid Strings ready for use in a URI. All properties may be added like it was a generic object, yet all the extended functionality of the Parameters class is also included like indexing, values, and a length property. In the end, all you need to know is that this class is for working with strings, specifically query strings, and that it does its job well.

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Parameters AS3 Class

Custom class dependencies: None

This class can be described best as an indexed Object. This means that all the properties may also be accessed through an index, as well as directly calling the property name. It is just about as open-ended as a class can get while still maintaining some kind of a structure. It is dynamic , but also extends Proxy in order to control the properties. It is not a dictionary, and it is not an array, but a kind of mix between the 2.

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