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Parameters AS3 Class

Custom class dependencies: None

This class can be described best as an indexed Object. This means that all the properties may also be accessed through an index, as well as directly calling the property name. It is just about as open-ended as a class can get while still maintaining some kind of a structure. It is dynamic , but also extends Proxy in order to control the properties. It is not a dictionary, and it is not an array, but a kind of mix between the 2.

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EventDispatcherList AS3 Class

Custom class dependencies: None

I hope this class will be of as much help to everyone as it is to me. Too many times to count, I needed to manage multiple objects that all use the same listener! Adding the same listener to multiple objects is very useful and code saving in Actionscript 3. Most of the time though when you must do this, you still must manage the adding and removing of those listeners for each individual object. This class attempts to manage that in a more organized yet still open-ended fashion.

The simplest way I can describe it is a list, that you can add and remove listeners for each of its items with one call. It of course is not an Array though because it uses the Dictionary class to hold the data. Continue reading EventDispatcherList AS3 Class