CSS3 Border Image Experiment

So, I was responsible for explaining the CSS style border-image during a presentation to coworkers. During research I came across this post. The article was informative but I needed a demo, and a nice one was linked to in that same article. Though I needed it to be a bit more extensive, so I revamped it to explain the complexities of border-image and 9-slice scaling in very visual, interactive, and complete way.

The demo can be found HERE.

Tested in Safari 5+, Chrome 10+, Firefox 4+
‘Should’ also work in Opera and Internet Explorer 10, but don’t be upset if it doesn’t.

3 thoughts on “CSS3 Border Image Experiment

    1. And Safari, so what you meant to say was, "only works in WebKit". Yes, I know this is the case, but you are more than welcome to make it work in Firefox and IE. Like I said, it was for a presentation, not open source code sharing. I do agree that I should make note of it in the post, thanks.

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